About Us

Who is Laughing Robot?

Laughing Robot is a trading name for Paul Windett, freelance web designer and developer based in Manchester UK. Thanks to phones and email, clients may be based anywhere. A number of other people (artists, photographers, and writers) contribute to Laughing Robot on a freelance basis.

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"I first started programming whilst at school and became one of those self taught back bedroom coders of the 1980s. After university and some more formal study of structured programming techniques, I worked in the computer games industry, both as a programmer and as a graphic artist.

"In the late 90's I realized I needed to know more about web based computing and went 'back to school', gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Software Technology from Liverpool University, and going on to work for the commercial arm of the University computing department, writing web based applications.

"After being tempted back into the games industry for a while, I became head of programming at a small web design agency.

"I went freelance and set up Laughing Robot in response to requests for easy to use, customer focused sites that meet modern standards for both coding and accessibility - something which is very difficult to do in most 'traditional' design companies, where the design process is often based around the needs of graphic artists with little or no knowledge of useability and accessibility issues."