Making your site easy to use

Making a site easy to use isn't rocket science, but some of the sites we've seen really do make you wonder.

Don't make
your visitors

People expect site menus to be on the left or across the top of the page. They expect links to be underlined, they expect the name of the site to be at the top left of the page. Why confuse them? There are plenty of ways to make your site stand out without making your visitors uncomfortable. If your visitors have to think about your navigation, they're not thinking about your content.

Building in Usability

Laughing Robot uses tried and tested techniques to build navigation schemes that your visitors will feel comfortable with, making them much more receptive to the information on your pages.

We work with you to help your visitors quickly and easily find the information they want by organising your content using the principles of "information scent" pioneered by researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC).

Maintaining Usability

We set up your site's initial content in ways that allow for the site growing as you add more pages, either by using your site editor, or by having us do your maintenance for you. Sometimes sites grow in unexpected ways: We are happy to help with checks to make sure that your information is presented in a way that's easy for your visitors to find.