Manage your own site

Site Editor: Giving you control of your website

We've all seen websites with out of date information: Old and forgotten pages; Ghost ships adrift on the internet. We've seen them and we've taken our business elsewhere.

Stagnation is death. Once your site is up and running, you need to make sure it's kept up to date.

Why do sites get out of date?

Many web design firms make money by charging you for every little change you want to make - and they ensure you can't make any changes yourself. Laughing Robot does things differently: We give you access to your own site editor. (We do also offer a maintainance and update service, but we don't force you to use it.)

Easy to use site editor

Our site editor lets you add, move, and remove pages on your site. It automatically builds the site navigation for you and even updates internal links if you move or remove pages. You can get on with adding text and pictures to the pages without worrying about the technical stuff.

Presentation and layout

Consistency of

Consistency of presentation from page to page is vital for a professional looking site. We set up the presentation styles when we build your site: The site editor allows you to set headlines, add bold text, make links, position pictures, and much more, but it keeps the styles consistent across the site so you don't need to worry about text sizes, leading, colours, margins, and all the minutiae of page layout.

We use our own software

The Laughing Robot site editor has been developed in-house, so we can add extensions to handle any special requirements your site may have, from events listings that automatically move events from "forthcoming" to "recent" as the date changes, to searchable product catalogues.

We use our site editor to manage this site.